Lovin’ Again


When Love hurts it loses its taste

Like a believer I had lost my faith

Mama preached to me her many love stories until I became a believer

But that world seemed so far away

I would close my eyes & indulge in fantasies, I can relive those moments on stage


Lovin’ again

You came along & gave breath to these fantasies until u left me with many questions…

All I could do was close my eyes & let them flow down my chicks

Some memories live longer than time…


They say Love is like a stream that will find its course

Behind my walls of caution, how did you track me?

Have I gotten stronger?

Who have I become trying to love again?

You’ve knocked down my barricades, could you be the One?


Love can seem like a street with many signs, who can tell the right one?

Don’t want to run into the rocks again, but your touch feels so tender like cotton

Your words humbling like a preacher man’s

I don’t drink but every morning I wake up intoxicated with thoughts of you

You wear your heart like a beautiful pendant, I think I am Lovin’ Again…




Jimmy Nwanne