Lovin’ Again


When Love hurts it loses its taste

Like a believer I had lost my faith

Mama preached to me her many love stories until I became a believer

But that world seemed so far away

I would close my eyes & indulge in fantasies, I can relive those moments on stage


Lovin’ again

You came along & gave breath to these fantasies until u left me with many questions…

All I could do was close my eyes & let them flow down my chicks

Some memories live longer than time…


They say Love is like a stream that will find its course

Behind my walls of caution, how did you track me?

Have I gotten stronger?

Who have I become trying to love again?

You’ve knocked down my barricades, could you be the One?


Love can seem like a street with many signs, who can tell the right one?

Don’t want to run into the rocks again, but your touch feels so tender like cotton

Your words humbling like a preacher man’s

I don’t drink but every morning I wake up intoxicated with thoughts of you

You wear your heart like a beautiful pendant, I think I am Lovin’ Again…




Jimmy Nwanne 

Obscure - Between openness & Opaqueness


Couldn't get no sleep last night

Woke up my face so blue

Looked out the window, no sun is due

Wondering how it all went wrong

I took a walk through my mind but this walk took too long

It doesn't feel right

It all happened last night


Which way from here?

The look in my eyes, staring but it's just not  clear

Openness & Opaqueness

Truth they say is in fragments

Why does it all have to be disjointed?

Why do I have to walk too far to find a piece?

The truth is frozen and hidden in an opaque glass

Shatter it & set my mind free


Who set the world on fire?

History holds many souls captive

Rewrite history & set the captives free

Many miles into the past, the Truth u'll find standing by the road side

Many feet below lay hidden treasures in the dust of time


Everywhere is war, who upset the people?

How did we get so far apart?

Many will never play the game fair

Some want it all, but after all they shall go empty handed

Only if they could hide the sun they would, & hope I remain in the dark

But no man can hold God's light

The darkest part of the night is in the morning

Soon my sun will come shinning to bring upon this face a lovely smile.


Jimmy Nwanne